Drunk Driving is the 9th scene of Manhunt and is the one where Cash must escort and protect the Tramp.


Apparently, Starkweather thought Cash could use a co-star. Unfortunaly he was captured by the Innocentz and locked up, so Cash must kill the guard to get to him.

The 'co-star' turns out to be a hobo who must make it to the graveyard and Cash is intructed to make sure he gets there. Starkweather won't open any of the electric gates for Cash that are blocking the path, unless the Tramp is with him.

Cash constantly instructs the Tramp to stay behind in the shadows while Cash kills the Innocentz members in the area and then goes back to get him, as they make their way through the streets and abandoned buildings.

Once they arrive at the cemetary, Cash is involved in a shoot-out with the Innocentz and he kills them all, before leading the Tramp through the final gate.


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  • A picture of Carcer Church and surrounding district can be found during the mission "Architectural Espionage" in GTA San Andreas - another Rockstar's game.
  • This is the only appearance of the Axe in Manhunt.
  • The Crowbar and Cleaver were cut from this scene.
  • It is widely believed that originally the Tramp was supposed to turn into the Beta character, Scarecrow at some point and attack Cash but was cut.
  • This is the only storyline scene where Cash is given a starting weapon (namely the Knife) that wasnt brought through from the previous one.

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