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Grounds for Assault is the 6th scene in Manhunt where James Earl Cash arrives at Carcer City Zoo.


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After leaving the Junkyard, Cash is dropped off at the Zoo where a gang called the Wardogs are waiting for him.

Cash starts with no weapons and must find a way to kill the nearby hunters to get a Machete to cut through a door to proceed. He then finds himself in a large area filled with Wardogs and soon finds the next gate only to find its chain-locked, and must find a hidden crowbar at the bear pen to open it.

Cash now finds the Wardogs armed with Tranquilizer Rifles and kills them and opens another locked gate. He then kills the remaining hunters and makes his way to the next part of the Zoo.


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Weapons and Items







  • Once Cash cuts through the first locked door, there will be a corridor and to the left is a chain-locked door. Once Cash has the crowbar later in the mission, come back and open that door and inside is a Sawn-Off Shotgun with three shells.

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