Strapped for Cash is the 7th scene in Manhunt, where Cash must rescue his family.


Cash finds out the Wardogs have taken his family hostage so he sets out to save them. Cash makes his way through Carcer City Zoo, freeing his family members one by one, by cutting them loose with either a Machete or Glass Shard, while killing every Wardog in his way.

There's a Wardog carrying a revolver, guarding each member. If that Wardog sees Cash or is alerted by another about Cash's presence, the guarding Wardog will kill the family member. At least one famly member must survive for the scene to be completed.

Once all members have been freed or killed, Cash enters the shark's mouth to the final section of the zoo where he kills more Wardogs. He then pulls a switch in a nearby room to open the exit gate and leave where he is picked up by the Cerberus.


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  • Cash's family members are presumably his mother, father, brother and sister.
  • Starkweather's dialogue changes depending on the number of surviving members:
    • One: "Well one out of four ain't too bad, I suppose."
    • Two: "Two dead, two alive, 50/50! Half a family, good enough for me, though."
    • Three: "What a bummer, you turn up alive and one of them kicks it."
    • All: "You rescued them all; I knew I'd bring the hero out in you."

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