Graveyard Shift is the 10th scene in Manhunt where Cash finishes off the Innocentz at the Carcer Chem Factory.



Cash arrives at the Carcer Chem Factory and is instructed to make his way through it. Cash kills the nearby Innocentz as he finds the gate to the loading bay closed and must find a switch at the guard hut, which is occupied with more Innocentz who Cash kills.

Once inside the factory, Starkweather informs him that the lift is broken so he must go down the Innocentz infested basement to find the power switch. Once Cash has the lift working, he heads up to the higher floor and clears out more hunters.

He walks through a large air vent and drops down into either the cafeteria or storage room and must kill more Innocentz as he finds the control room on the same floor to hit the switch that opens the main door. Cash heads downstairs to the main foyer and leaves.

Cash then attempts to escape but the Cerberus ambush him and take him to the next location.


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Weapons and Items






  • A Plastic Bag, Wire, a Glass Bottle and a harmless Innocentz member can be found outside the factory gates, but a trainer is required to get there.
  • During the end cutscene Cash will have a pump-action Shotgun as opposed to the Sawn-Off Shotgun he uses during gameplay as the pump-action shotgun was cut.

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