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Fuelled by Hate is the 5th scene in Manhunt and the second one set at the Junkyard.


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Starkweather is getting bored of the Skinz, so instructs Cash to finish them off. After killing the first set of Skinz, he encounters a Skin watching porn so he smashes the fuse box to shut down the power before killing him.

Cash then finds the path blocked by a refrigerator and a crane next to it, but the crane is out of fuel so he must search for some. After finding a Gas Can in a nearby hanger, he makes his way past more Skins and refuels the crane and clears the path.

Then Cash finds a locked gate and it will only open once all the nearby Skinz have been killed. Once past the gate, he finds the path blocked again and used a second, ready fuelled crane to clear the path and heads for the exit.

While leaving the Junkyard, Cash is ambushed once again by the Cerberus and thrown in the back of their van.


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  • On the PC version, if you are using a joystick there may be a problem getting the crane to pick up the refrigerator, so it's best to temporarily use the keyboard while operating it.
  • The large crushing machine Cash must walk up and then back down, is taken from GTA: Vice City and reappeared in GTA: San Andreas.

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