Road to Ruin is the 3rd scene in Manhunt and Cash's 3rd encounter with the Hoods.


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Cash has made much progress in killing the Hoods and now must make his way to the celler of the Carcer City Library. He makes his way through the streets and buildings, killing all the Hoods in his way.

Inside the cellar, he finds more hoods so he kills them and heads out to the street where he is confronted by the Cerberus, hired by Starkeweather to take Cash to the next location. Cash takes a beating from them and is thrown in the back of a van.


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  • This level features a broken shadow. It can be found at the alley behind the library. Entering it won't make Cash invisible for the hunters.
  • The public toilet towards the beginning is much like the one in Belleville Park in GTA III
  • This is the first scene where Cash speaks. As he runs into the Cerberus he will say "Oh, shit!".
  • There is no glass shard in this level.

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