For the weapon in Manhunt 2, see Chained Baseball Bat. For other variants, see Baseball Bat
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The Wooden Bat is a Red Class weapon appearing in Manhunt and one of many Baseball Bat variants.


In Manhunt, it is one of the primary weapons of the Hoods and is the first Red Weapon introduced to the player.

Later it is seen used by some of the Innocentz guarding the Carcer Chem Factory and then, the bat isn't seen again until later in the game where it can be found at the Carcer City Trainyard as an alternative to the shotgun if the player wishes to execute enemies and keep a low profile.


Missions in Manhunt:




Note: The Wooden Bat shares executions with the Metal Bat.

  • Hasty: Cash hits the hunter on the right side of the face, the hunter turns around immediately only to be killed by getting hit once more on the left side of the face.
  • Violent: Cash jabs the end of the bat into the hunter's stomach knocking him to his knees, the hunter then looks up and as he does, Cash hits the hunter on the back of the head, killing him.
  • Gruesome: Cash puts the bat across the hunter's throat choking him until he falls to his knees, Cash then steps to the side and hits the hunter on the right side of the head causing the hunter's head to crack into pieces of brain and skull that fly all over the place.


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In the first game, the baseball bat has many variants:

A Baseball Bat appears in Manhunt 2 which appears to decend from the original Wooden Bat:


  • Danny can be seen executing a Bloodhound with the wooden bat in the Origins flashback cutscene.