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View of Innocence is the 8th level in Manhunt and Cash is sent to an abandoned mall to search for a tape and video camera.


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Starkweather feels Cash could do with a break and arranges for a tape to be made for him, but first Cash must find it at Carcer City Mall along side a video camera to watch it on.

The Mall is full of Innocentz weilding Revolvers, so Cash first must break the glass door to the laundromat with a brick and finds a revolver inside.

Cash then shoots his way past many Innocentz, taking cover behind low walls and turned over vending machines and reaches the top floor where he finds the tape inside the Rollio Records store. He then goes down one floor to the Toy Corner, where he finds the Camera, but discovers it is broken and must use the tv in Pirso's Bar.

The power in the bar is off, so Cash goes through the bar to the stairs, turns it on and goes back upstairs to watch the tape which is footage of the Innocentz, killing his family.


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Weapons and Items


  • Tape
  • Camera






  • On the top floor there is a chemist and inside is a locked door that can be shot open and inside is a Sawn-Off Shotgun.
  • The Laundromat store where Cash finds the revolver, also appears in GTA: Vice City.
  • With use of a trainer, it's possible to access a hidden platform in grey hell where Cash's Family are standing. They can even be killed/executed. This place also includes a babyface Innocent, Revolver Ammunation, a floating door and a TV.

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