White Trash is the 4th scene of Manhunt and Cash's first encounter with the Skinz at the junkyard.


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After getting ambushed and kidnapped by the Cerberus, Cash is dropped off at Denton's Junkyard where a gang of white supremists called the Skinz are getting drunk nearby. Ramirez shows up and kills a Skinz member with his bare hands to show them he is tough before ordering them to begin hunting for James Earl Cash.

Cash kills the first Skin to gain access to the junkyard, where once inside he is informed about a locked gate ahead that requires a Knife to cut through. Cash searches for a Knife while a fat Skin is watching the entire area from a ledge making it difficult. Cash kills them all and a Skin inside the hanger to take his Knife and continue to the next section.

Now he is intructed to get hold of a Nailgun from inside a trailer where a Skin is using the toilet, so Cash smashes the window with a lure weapon to draw him out and kill him. He then gets hold of the Nailgun and kills more Skinz as he makes his way to a locked gate and must carry on through the junkyard to find the switch and then heads back to the gate, clearing the section.

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  • As you enter the junkyard, to the right is a trailer and behind it are five Glass Bottles and a Knife but a trainer is required to get there.
  • There's a hidden area in this level. As you face the locked gate, turn right. You'll find a door, which you can open by cutting the rope. As you go through the doors, you'll see a ladder. Climbing it will get you on a roof with hidden painkillers.
  • The Junkyard is very similar to the one in GTA: Vice City and the Angel Pine Junkyard in GTA: San Andreas
  • The trailer where Cash finds the Nail Gun is similar to the one in GTA: Vice City where Phil Cassidy lives.

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